Mapping Your World One Parcel At a Time
Mapping Your World One Parcel At a Time 



These examples are only a few of the services provided by Tri-County Land Surveying, if you have questions regarding your land please contact us. Other services may include legal descriptions, Reports of Surveys, and Site Plans:


Boundary Surveys:

Boundary survey generally encompass surveys of more than 1 Acre and are generally described by “metes & bounds” in a deed. While performing a boundary survey we compare the monuments as found in the field in relationship to the documents vesting title in the subject property, then preparing a survey map that will reflect the results of the Boundary Survey. Tri-County Land Surveying generally has a Professional Land Surveyor on each site.


Lot Surveys (Mortgage, Residential Surveys):

Lots surveys are completed to determine the location of property lines and showing the improvements (i.e. houses, buildings, fences, easements, etc.), on a survey map. Lot surveys are usually a Lot of previously recorded Subdivision.


ALTA/ ASCM Surveys:

This type of survey can be of either Boundary Surveys or Lot Surveys, but are generally competed with a commercial property and if a lender is out of state. The ALTA / ASCM have developed a very detailed list of survey requirements for the property to be surveyed. The requirements are generally chosen by the lender and can be labor intensive (read costly).


Topographical Surveys:

Topographical surveys is survey that shows the natural or man-made features in map format, such as houses, buildings, creeks, utilities and easements. These surveys show the lay of land, such as the location high points and low points and the elevation between high and low areas, generally referred to as contours. Topographical surveys are normally completed to aid the design of a building or utilities.


Subdivision Survey (Design):

This is a survey of 1 parcel of land into two or more smaller tracts. A subdivision may consist of 2 lots or more than a hundred. A subdivision map is created to adhere to the requirements of the local governmental agencies for approval for which they were intended.


Construction staking (surveying):

Construction staking is completed by taking the Site plans as designed by others and actually putting the item to be built in the exact location as shown on the Plans. This insures no discrepancies in the location of items to be built. (i.e. building, storm sewer, sanitary sewer or easements).


Elevation Survey:

Also known as an Elevation Certificate, this survey will determine the elevation of a structure and its relationship to a previously determined floodplain. The Floodplain is generally determined by Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and has numerous documents that can be completed by a Professional Land Surveyor.

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